Twickenham Beavers goes Silent for Brain Cancer

Twickenham Beavers Goes Silent for Brain Cancer – A big thank you to all the Beavers who took part in this challenge, raising funds for charity.

The 8th Twickenham Beaver Scout Colony are the second youngest members of scouting at the age of 6 and they leave us at age 8 to go up to Cubs.

Like many of the other troops around the world, they are trying to catch up for lost time because of the pandemic so they wanted to do something meaningful for charity and, hopefully, a local health Charity too and that was when they found the John King Brain Tumour Foundation based at their local Trauma Centre, based at The Atkinson Morley Wing, St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

Twickenham Beavers goes Silent for Brain Cancer

The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the highest award a Beaver can earn. It’s something they work on gradually throughout their whole time in the section. To get obtain this you need complete all their Challenge Awards.

The Challenge Awards include My Outdoors which is about camping. As camping was not permitted at the time, they reverted to doing challenges at their local meeting.

My Adventure is the badge around the adventurous part of scouting like the rock climbing and caving; The My skills badge is around the basic skills in life and in scouting like learning to tie shoelaces and even lighting a candle; the Teamwork badge works on developing the skill of being a team player and a leader of a team. My World Badge is around meeting and learning about the community including working with a charity and learning basic first aid. The final challenges are Personal Challenges that are set by the leader.

Two challenges were set for the 8th Twickenham Beaver Scout Colony, and one was a sponsored silence in aid of The John King Brain Tumour Foundation.

They had 11 Beavers take part and raised £107.50.

So here is a challenge, can do something meaningful too!!!!