The next important piece of equipment for which, we are fundraising is to purchase a Stealth Autoguide Robotics Guidance Platform for St George’s Hospital Neurology Department.

This state-of-the-art equipment will enable surgeons to perform precision, minimally invasive cranial surgery including biopsies, electrode placements, laser ablations and tumour removal.  The robotic guide will improve both patient and surgeon safety and surgical success e.g. through more accurate positioning of implants, tailored for each patient’s anatomy, shorter surgical time and reduced radiation exposure.

A substantial body of high-quality evidence indicates these systems are an effective, cost-saving, and safe technical solution in cranial surgeries thanks to high precision (consistent, repeatable, and accurate alignment) and significantly lower complication rates.  The result is better patient outcomes including longer life expectancy, reduced recovery times, improved post-surgical quality of life etc.

Once purchased, the robotic guide will benefit at least 1,000 cranial surgery patients each year at St George’s Hospital.

Stealth Autoguide Robotics Guidance Platform Project