We’ve bought another £150,000 microscope for St Georges Hospital! – The John King Brain Tumour Foundation is passionate about supporting the incredible work of the Neurosurgeons at St. George’s Hospital Trust, Tooting, London.

​We’re very proud that during 2020 we were able to raise £150,000 to purchase another state-of-the-art Zeiss surgical microscope for the hospital. This microscope along with the Zeiss Pentero 900 which we purchased in 2019 both enable surgeons to see further into the brain and thus be able to remove more of the tumour during surgery.

Not only will this increase patients’ life spans but also help Tim Jones, the Consultant Neurosurgeon at St. Georges, to provide training to his team.

The new microscopes each have a “teaching arm” which allows medical students to watch the surgery and learn during live operations. Each microscope will be used approximately 1,200 times a year in theatre and will not only help adults and children with brain tumours but also will be used for other paediatric and adult neurosurgery including spinal cord surgery, repairing ruptured blood vessels in the brain, brain tumour removal and repair of spinal bifida in children, trauma and many other conditions.

“These Microscopes have a long life and can be used for many neurosurgical conditions including glioblastoma’s have a potential working life of 20 years and are going to have the potential to help thousands and thousands of patients”

– Tim Jones, Lead Surgeon