Imelda’s Story – We would like to share this moving story from our dear friend Imelda.

For 18 years, Imelda experienced various signs of a brain tumour. She suffered from debilitating headaches, memory loss, extreme fatigue, personality changes, sleep apnea, weight gain, pituitary gland issues, 40% hearing loss and more. She sought help from countless healthcare professionals but received no answers. It wasn’t until she was close to death and going blind that doctors finally discovered the Meningioma tumour growing in her brain.

The Brain Tumour Charity is launching their new Fighting for Faster Diagnosis report that outlines specific recommendations that NHS and government policymakers can take to help us fight for faster diagnosis. These changes could make all the difference for people like Imelda.

Find out more about the report and how you can get involved by visiting

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