Generous Legacy Gift

We have received an incredibly generous legacy gift from my closest friend, Debbi Barker.

Debbi was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019 and after surgery to remove part of her tongue, she went into remission. However, in March 2020, she was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer and sadly passed away in October 2021, just after her 60th birthday.

Generous Legacy Gift

Debbi was one of the most generous women I have ever met with her time and friendship. She mentioned before she passed away that she had left a gift to The John King Brain Tumour Foundation, a charity she had kindly supported since its inception in 2018. She had known my husband, John, for many years and was a massive support to me when John was ill and dying.  Debbi is missed daily but the money she left will live on and help us to purchase the new state-of-the-art Autoglide Navigation System for the neurosurgical team at St. George’s Hospital. This vital piece of equipment will enable surgeons to perform precision, minimally invasive cranial surgery including biopsies, electrode placements, laser ablations and tumour removal.  The robotic guide will improve both patient and surgeon safety and surgical success e.g., through more accurate positioning of implants, tailored for each patient’s anatomy, shorter surgical time and reduced radiation exposure.

Please do consider leaving a legacy in your will to the John King Brain Tumour Foundation. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference and will change patients’ lives for generations to come.

Thank you

Laura King, Founder and Chair